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About Us: Alec Justus Tibbitts future game developer & CEO of JUSTUSGAMES

Throughout high school, I have debated numerous career options. But playing the video game, "Resistance Fall of Man", I was astonished by its graphics and functionality. I became fascinated with the technology of video games and pondered the possibility of how I, too, could be involved in such an amazing industry. I have since been independently learning and developing my own games. I have also taken classes and attended a summer academy at DePaul University to improve my skills developing games, whether it was for story, graphically, or technically - such as programming. I entered, via the technology program through high school, the Student Technology Leadership Program state competition in "Interactive Media" and "Computer Science". I won second place in Interactive Media with a game I call "Math Path" - an elementary educational math game. I also won first in Computer Science - along with a partner I teamed with. 

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